Photos are not to scale, but some photos with a ruler: Here



The latest example of a Boots label, very small (3/4" x 1 1/4") and in poor condition due to being covered over with clear tape, but interesting label diversity and development:

Another example of a Boots label below, sent to us by email, and posted on 28th February 2014:

The two identical labels below which were originally posted on 18th September 2013

A third example of a Boots label, with a photo of the fluted frame it is on.

Second label originally posted 16th August 2012

The example of a Boots label above is possibly 1950's/60's, a much earlier label with more info is below:

First label below originally posted 14th August 2012

Boots is a nationwide chemist and pharmacist in the UK, and offered a picture framing service from 1894 to 1963 or later. In 1894 the business advertised its self as 'Printsellers, Carvers and Gilders, Picture Frame Manufacturers, Artists' Colourmen' selling 'English Gold Frames of the Highest Quality'.
The source of this and additional information on Boots, can be found on the National Portrait Gallery website: British Framemakers & British Artists's Suppliers.