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John Kesson

This perfect example of this great label was kindly sent via email:

The damaged label below was originally posted 20th May 2012:

A partial label for John Kesson of 28 Diamond Street, Aberdeen, Scotland. I hope to find a complete example as it is a really nice design with various frames and artist's palette. The frame on the left has the name and address, and the frame on the right says 'Carver' and 'Gilder'. He traded from this address from 1881 to 1915 or later.
More information on this framemaker can be found on the National Portrait Gallery website - Directory of British Picture Framemakers

Wallis & Son

Frost & Reed Ltd.

A simple and straight forward example:

First example below originally posted 12th October 2012:

G. Hannaford



M. Newman

A complete version of this art dealers label, slightly different to the earlier example.

The partial label below originally posted 22nd October 2012:

The Boydell Galleries

Ernest Brown & Phillips

Theo J. Gidden

George Hughes

Another example of this art dealer and framemakers:

The two below originally posted 9th December 2012

Image above is from: whatsthatpicture


R. Jackson & Sons

J. Hilliard & Sons

Joseph Burrows

A.L. Price

Another example of an A.L. Price label, this one being A.L. Price & Sons,

Originally posted on 4th August 2012

Alfred Lovell Price (1847-1928) started his business around 1885, the census of 1861 showed his occupation as a carver and gilder, aged just 13 years old.
A.L. Price worked at Gillows and Co. of Lancaster before starting his framing business. Gillows and Co. had a very long history making fine furniture from the early 18th Century, the company carried out the carving of Pugin's designs for the Palace of Westminster in 1840 and worked on commissions for the interiors of public buildings throughout the world. Some Price family history can be found here: resource.

J. Saunders

John France

H.W. Hayward

Aldridge Bros

James Donnelly

F.J. Willimann


Scott Klinkenborg
Superior Moulding Corp.
5000 West 35th St.
St. Louis Park, MN. 55416
1-800-922-7914  .

Originally published 9/28/12

A third iteration, courtesy of
Ca. 1907 real photo postcard framed by F. J. Willimann about that time.