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Bronislaus Janulis 1950 - 2015

Thank you for visiting the Picture Frame Labels website. Sadly the founder of this website, Bronislaus Janulis, passed away on March 31st 2015. Bron was a great framemaker and his interest in picture frame making and its history could be seen in this website, which was an attempt to archive the fading labels of past master framemakers and picture framers, and to record them for the future.

At the moment the Picture Frame Labels website will not be added to any longer, but in the future I do intend to continue running it in some form, in memory of Bron. If you have any labels you would like to contribute, or if you are looking for any information about labels (although to be honest there is very little extra information I can provide, other than on the NPG and NGV websites), then please contact me on:

Richard Christie
June 2015