Photos are not to scale, but some photos with a ruler: Here


Bronislaus Janulis

One of my own signatures, done with a pyrographic pen. Sometimes my signature is just the monogram, or the monogram and "". At one time, I would number frames, with the number, then the .YY. And, some have not been signed, at all. From 1994 through 1998 I kept a handwritten log, then in 1998 I started putting that all into a database on the computer, with photos. Then, in 2005, for reasons unclear, but probably having to do with a general laziness and angst, stopped. Some of that angst might of had to do with Appleworks no longer being supported, and not wanting to buy and learn another piece of software. I probably stopped signing some frames at that time, as well, but have since started at least that, again. Signing.