Photos are not to scale, but some photos with a ruler: Here


Haff & Pisa

First example on the Picture Frame Labels blog of a Czech framemaker.


Chapman Bros.

Another example of a Chapman Bros. label:

An older example, first posted on 31st May 2013 is below:

Lots of information on this company on the National Portrait Gallery website:
British framemakers
This label was on the frame of a John Singer Sargent drawing, for whom the company made numerous frames.


St. Louis Art Co.

J. J. Gillespie & Co.

W. V. Ogden

Mass. Avenue, but where? Google produces a lot of hits for Indianapolis, followed by Boson, though Indy seems to refer to their street as "Mass. Avenue".

Dayton's, Marshall Field's, Hudson's

Another Dayton's, see previous post, but the company now having acquired Marshall Fields, Chicago, and Hudson's, Minneapolis?

A commenter informs me that Hudson's was from Detroit. The history of the big, central city department stores, is quite interesting, and how the survivors bought up their former rivals, ... and now it's Target and Macy's I believe, with Sears a part of K-Mart.

Yes, Detroit. This label from the Klinkenborg Collection.